Even less of an issue if it has TV Jones pickups. The ESP Standard line had been completely discontinued by this time. Never played an Electromatic, but the Korean-made Epis that I have played are pretty darn good. Both Japanese and Korean factories usually build guitars to spec for other companies. Commercial Sellers, Dealers and Manufacturers, https://maps.app.goo.gl/oS7Cgn66cAGsidTd8, https://www.gretschguitars.com/gear...-block-with-v-stoptail-left-handed/2806320568, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Gretsch guitars have played a key part in the development of jazz, country and guitar based music in general. Since 2006. Welcome to Gretsch Guitars Australia, makers of fine musical instruments since 1883. They are primarily known for their iconic semi-hollow and hollow body guitars. VISIT GRETSCH GUITARS. ), Telecaster 62 re-issue now fitted with EMG's. lol. A Fender made Japanese Gretsch (post 03/04 depending on which model) are top shelf musical instruments in every way. Looks like Korean models can be had for $800-$1000, while the Japanese models … Read on to … Nowadays, most modern Gretsch guitars are made overseas in China, South Korea, and Japan in order to keep their prices down. Gretsch's double-cutaway guitars appeared in the early 60s and adopted a clearly inspired-by but different outline to the Gibson ES-335 - notably their flatter, less pronounced horns. I agree with the general point that no country has a better claim to good craftmanship over any other. Those individual model specs have more to do with the quality of a particular guitar than which factory made it. What Fender guitars are made in Indonesia? drmilktruck, Jan 23, 2011 #3 But you may have to act fast as this top gretsch guitars is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. Gretsch Professional Series Guitars are still made in Japan, but are more vintage correct and are of excellent quality. By Ed Mitchell (Total Guitar) 23 June 2016. In 1985 Fred W. Gretsch, great-grandson of the company founder, regained control of the company. I have had late 60s and 70s Japanese Yamaha archtops that easily are on par if not better than Gibson or Gretsch instruments in quality of construction, beauty and playability. LTD Elite guitars are made in Japan, and initially offered alongside the ESP standard replacement brand E-II in the export market in 2013 while a limited range of ESP Standards were sold in the US to be phased out for E-II in 2014. The story of Gretsch began with Friedrich Gretsch. If you're talking generally, there isn't necessarily a big difference, depending on which factories, when made, specs of the guitar, etc. Guitarist Spotlight. Gretsch is a trusted guitar manufacturer that has been around since 1983. When viewing my EX-SS next to my Gibson ES-335, the Gibson looks like "the economy model" in comparison. The first sign of a Gretsch revival came in 1988, with a series of inexpensive Traveling Wilburys commemorative guitars. It has nothing to do with nationality. The electromatics are made in Korea, and the Custom shop ones in the US. The workmanship, quality, and attention to details on Korean made D'Angelicos are second to none. With the look and sound that Gretsch are known for but at an entry-level price point, the Streamliner series offers great value for money. The Streamliner is the entry-level series which are made in Indonesia. Please help support the Gretsch Pages through Paypal. I Have Korean and Japanese built and love them both. The lower end Gretsches are built either in Indonesia, China, or Korea. If you're talking about Gretsches in particular, yes there is a big difference, because the pro line models are made in Japan while Korea and China make Electromatics and Streamliners, which are built to very different specifications. They have the great craftsmen to make guitars properly. Otherwise I'm sure both countries can produce excellent instruments if and when required. To those that know their Gretsch guitars, this is no accident. Take this month’s Jets. All needless and frankly irrelevant nationalism aside. The Gretsch Streamliner series is a remarkable looking and sounding series of guitars that are very affordable. Discussion in 'Fred's Barcalounge' started by Ricochet, Feb 1, 2020. The Gretsch G5420T is constructed using five-ply maple to the top, back, and sides. The Electromatic (budget) Gretsch guitars are made in Korea. How Gretsch made the ultra-affordable Streamliner guitar line. The Professional and Player are the high-end series made in either Japan or the USA. I used to insist on American-made, but I can honestly say I've never played a Japanese-made Gretsch and thought, "If only it was made in the US". The online home of Gretsch Guitars, and best source for product details on all Gretsch guitars and Gretsch basses. Epiphone Limited Edition ES-295 Hollow Body Electric Guitar, (Samick was once the King of 'The Artist Series', being some big, beautiful boxes produced in Korea in the 80's-90's. High-end guitars made in Korea's Samick or Peerless factories, for example --- regardless of the name on the headstock --- can be as good or better than individual guitars from Japanese factories. TV Jones and Seymour Duncan and all the other be spoke producers are great and that does make a huge difference to my guitars. Quality control seems to be very comparable and of a uniformly high-standard though, so both Japanese and Korean made Gretsches can be superbly satisfying instruments --- just with different intentions behind them. 3D printed guitars have already been made. Always nice to see a fellow lefty on the site! Think how jealous you’re friends will be when you tell them you got your gretsch guitars on AliExpress. no, do not buy the guitar you want. It is absolute, unequivocal fact that the best guitars to carry the Gretsch name are being made right now, today. He opened business offices in Savannah, Ga. and began putting the pieces back together. The stunning new limited-edition versions of original-era classics—a G6136CST White Falcon and G6120WCST Nashville Western were warmly received and earned much acclaim, and with that the Gretsch Custom Shop was up and running. Any previous bias I ever had with Chinese made products has been redirected to the guidelines the various companies impose on their employees to make inexpensive junk. U.S.A. posted 14 May 2006 11:37 AM profile The true Chinese craftsmen and craftswomen are fully capable of building the highest quality guitars if they are allowed to. People from other countries than mine are no less valuable as people, skilled, or needing of jobs in my opinion. Setzer originally used Atkins models until Gretsch created the extensive Setzer line. I knew some of you would be interested, but I never expected the tidal wave of e-mail that would follow. I'm sure they're out there but the build quality seems pretty consistent across the board. From a small shop in Brooklyn to the biggest stages on earth. Gretsch Electromatic guitars offer that iconic Gretsch sound and feel without busting the bank. Now, because the Jim Dandy is made in East-Asia, the product is naturally cheaper than what we normally see in Europe and the USA. Named after Gretsch’s budget series of guitars released in the mid-fifties. A German immigrant to the USA, he set up business in Brooklyn, New York back in 1895. Fred was starting from scratch. I’m strictly talking. I just bought a Guild Manhattan, "handcrafted in Korea". Are Gretsch Streamliner guitars any good? The Final Word on Today’s Gretsch Guitar Line ...Maybe. Built quality and materials are much better than Electromatics, besides 2 or 3 minor finish flaws the Guild feels like a Proline Gretsch (but for half the price). I like the old Gretschs because they are old annnd wonky, as long as they play well. Manufacturing for Greg Bennett, Silvertone, Squier, Epiphone, Washburn, and Hohner among others. They were also hollow, without a centre block, which didn't appear until 2013. On many of the cheap ones, the body is from china and the electronics are Korean- don't let this fool you. I can never substantiate paying 4500-5000 on a guitar nor do I have the money to pay anyway. Gretsch Streamliner Series: Made in Indonesia. The original Gretsch guitars were made with three-ply, so this latest has more solid and substantial feel over the vintage mo… Even the Urethan coat is pretty thin and not like the "dipped in plastic" feel of many far east guitars. They just need good wood, good electronics and great craftsmen. So far, the best guitars I've ever played have come from Japan. It depends. If they were made by somebody I know or something then I'd be more inclined to buy American, but I don't feel any more connected to a factory worker in California than I do to one in Japan (no offense to Californians, or Japanese). Fender opened a Gretsch Custom Shop run by Steven Stern, for custom U.S. made Gretsch guitars. They are higher priced and most anything can be built for the Gretsch player. Love your guitars! And with its great overdriven sound, this electric guitar is made to satisfy your thirst for vintage fun. I like to support craftsmen that I know in my immediate community if I can but I don't think they're any better. Was curious about the quality comparison between the Korean and Japanese made models. Shares. Gretsch whose serial number starts with KS are also made by Samick in Korea (K=Korea, S=Samick), according to the numbering tables found on GretschPages. I have a Tawain made Yamaha AEX1500, Two Japan made Grestches,German made Korean made Epiphone and Peerless and USA made Taylor al. Introduction. I would like to buy an American Gretsch...the problem is they are double the price of a proline from Japan. We’ll start with the baritones, the G5260 and G5260T, the T for tremolo. I would hope music transcends these sorts of limiting definitions. Here are 2 examples of G5420LH : But I can’t add to it since I’m banned from both the Gibson/Epiphone forum and blocked from Wikipedia(for preposterous reasons). It's quick, easy, and much appreciated. The backstory of the new budget hollowbodies. Terada and Fuji-Gen, as well as high-end Matsumomku guitars from the 80's and 90's, can be every bit as good as US-made guitars, and certainly better than lower end models from second or third tier factories in Korea. From: Balto., Md. USA, Japan,China,Korea,Germany,Spain,UK.Far East have a centuries history of woodcraft producing some of the finest products. Global economy and CNC machines. See the reference below. Japanese guitars from the 70's were generally not so great, but by the 80's, Tokai and Matsumoku were making guitars that were often better than the Gibsons and Fenders they emulated. A classic Gretsch … Wildwood, Serang, Banten, east of Jakarta, West Java. Good craftsmen are not restrained by perceived international boundaries. Korea, Japan, China, the US, and Indonesia are countries where the Gretsch guitars are built and manufactured. Where are most of the Gretsch guitars made? In 2005, I wrote a 2-part column on Gretsch guitars for Tech Notes Online, as well as a brief companion piece for my SweetNotes column. Almost all new Gretsch electric guitars are made at the Terada factory in Japan. I believe the reason many are cheap is because the various companies are trying to increase profits with cheaper parts. If you’re wondering, “PT” is an acronym for Perseroan Terbatas, a business entity that is formed and acts per commercial law. Have you seen the various works of art from Asian countries over the last few millennia? It sits in the middle of the Gretsch range as part of the Korean made Electromatic series. • Gretsch 6075, 6076, “Gretsch 12-String” (Sunburst, Natural) There was no factory, inventory, no tooling, nothing. In this particular case Tavo, I think we want the same thing. Sad that Fred Gretsch can't make that happen beyond custom shop choices. The Electromatics use a "Black Top" FilterTron pickup closer to traditional Gretsch pickups while the Streamliners use a newly designed Broad'Tron pickup which is closer to a traditional humbucker. The first-ever custom U.S.-made Gretsch models debuted at the NAMM Show in January. Current guitar production capacity 35000 guitars a month(420000 a year). Cheaper materials, etc mean Electromatic but that doesn't mean they couldn't build top of the line, if called upon. To help you make a wise decision, here is a comprehensive Gretsch G5420T review. At the time, he wasn't buying much — little more than a name, really. The Gretsch Streamliner guitars are made in Indonesia and are a less expensive line than the Electromatics which have been made in Korea and China. Me too. I'm sure the Korean Gretschs, as mentioned earlier are built purposely inexpensively to save costs and produce a more affordable guitar. High-end guitars made in Korea's Samick or Peerless factories, for example --- regardless of the name on the headstock --- can be as good or better than individual guitars from Japanese factories. P.T. Where are Gretsch Streamliner guitars made? Gretsch Guitars Issue #35 April 19, 2007. Terada and Fuji-Gen, as well as high-end Matsumomku guitars from the 80's and 90's, can be every bit as good as US-made guitars, and certainly better than lower end models from second or third tier factories in Korea. I have been to many Gretsch Roundups and I have never touched a bad one. While these are hoarded avidly by a few collec… I think a great guitar can be built anywhere in the world. One difference is the pickups used. I bought my speaker cabinet from a local shop when I lived in Austin, because I liked their shop and wanted to support them. Was thinking about adding a Gretsch/filtertron-equipped guitar to my repertoire. A feature of some of their iconic instruments, the Country Gent and the Tennessean, had ‘f” holes. The Gretsch G5420T is a hollow-bodied twin ‘f’ hole guitar. Guitar Village are proud to be a Gretsch UK dealer with a huge range across the board to suit all budgets. If you think about it electric guitar technology is around 70 years old now. Japan versus Korea is nothing more than a price point. Gretsch whose serial number starts with KS are also made by Samick in Korea (K=Korea, S=Samick), What do you mean “also”? I must say, though I love them and enjoy them, most of the US made Gretsch's I've encountered from the 60s(and some from the 50s too) have been frankly, shoddily constructed and easily excelled by the quality of current Japanese..or Korean production. Buy yours at Andertons on 0% finance - subject to status. Gretsch has included some classic ‘f’ holes in the front of the guitar. Likewise with 70s Gibsons. Superb instruments and apart form electrics not a great deal of difference apart from the bridges and pickups on the Korean guitars maybe slightly lower quality. Davide Facchini. For more than twenty years Davide Facchini has been active in the Italian and international guitar scene exhibiting remarkable proficiency and versatility. But for all the revisions it has made to its line-up over the years since the Gretsch plant in Brooklyn, New York was a mid-50s epicentre of cool, there’s something unchanged about its guitars, as though they were unearthed in Grandpa’s attic. I don't think the guitar cares about the nationality of the craftsman that made it. ... Gretsch guitars have been used on more iconic recordings than many people are aware of. Overall, the top quality Gretsch guitars can either be US or Japan made. I rest easy by buying a quality instrument that I enjoy playing regardless of who built it or where. So did many others in their range. Buy the guitar I want! Where are Gretsch Guitars Made? I also bought my Japanese Gretsch there. From there, things get a bit more complicated. And by 2008, their hollowbody manufacturing officially got … I've read somewhere on this forum that Gretsch professional guitars are made in Japan. Early 1900s - 1970: New York City The bulk of vintage Gretsch specimens were manufactured in the original factory in New York, with a decade of Arkansas production during the '70s. Gretsch Billy Zoom custom shop signature model is made in the US! As it stands, I'll buy the guitar that I want, doesn't matter to me where it's made. Obviously the current Japanese production is meant to be higher quality. The Korean factories can build guitars just as well as the Japanese factories; however, they're given specs and that's what they make. Brian Setzer's recent Pittsburgh concert directed notice to the Gretsch 6120 Setzer model guitars he's played for years, a variation on the original 6120, designed by the Gretsch company for Chet Atkins in 1954. However, you shouldn’t worry too much as the signature Gretsch tone will always be present. The guitar certainly does not mess around when it comes to tone and quality of build. The company was originally founded in Brooklyn, NY. I finally broke down and emailed Gretsch, imagine going directly to the source for information (which rarely happens with guitars, lovers, and hifi), and it turned out the factory where Jim Dandys were made burned down, but the new factory was coming online within a few weeks! Depends on the model, the majority of the pro-lines are made in the Terada Factory in Japan. ToneJunkie is correct except some Electromatics are made in Korea as well. I know my Terada made Gretsch Duo Jet and my Quingdao made Epiphone Casino 1961 Reissue are both amazing sounding, playing and well built guitars. Sometimes with specialties maybe, related to tradition or local materials. 3D printed guitars are coming. and we'd both have to get an extra job to fund this beast! Browse our range of electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Like the Electromatic series, Gretsch Streamliner guitars are made in China. As has been discussed ad nauseam here and elsewhere the quality of the Japanese Gretsches is outstanding and the Korean/Chinese models are also well-made, especially for the price. With a Degree from the D.A.M.S. Donny Hinson Member .
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