There was a relatively large gap between the highest and second highest paying roles, with entry level software engineers looking at a median salary of £34,106. You don’t learn those things on an engineering degree. I have 5 years experience and on 50% more than that. £30,049 / yr. It’s turned into a financial hub. Why is this happening? ... engineers … However it seems to me most graduate engineer careers went that advanced. If I had a doctorate in engineering I could call myself Dr H. and people would still give me “status” credits – but why? Probably something mechanical. Another month’ saving for a bicycle. Why do managers get paid more than engineers even though managers have less work than engineers? HM Armed Forces Royal Engineer salaries - 1 salaries reported. This link shows all salaries by industry, sector, speciality, location etc. In the UK at the moment, companies recruiting into engineering roles are asking for graduates…. Hi all from my personal experience the salaries engineers are paid is no where near £30k. In the UK at the moment, companies recruiting into engineering roles are asking for graduates…. There is very little market value in engineering. A Mechatronics Engineer gets an average compensation ranging from 64000 and 96000 based on tenure level. Grossly uninformed comments regarding GPs. Do numbers add up in this site below? As such when they cease to be practising doctors they should not use the title – not that Dr Fox MP would accept that idea for a moment! Someone who creates, analyzes, and produces a product through the use of a theoretically based skillset. (1) being generally clueless about the job, Generally we get to know more and more about less and less. Despite the fact that nothing would get fixed if we weren’t there we are grossly undervalued in comparison to the journalistic staff. Here are the current six highest paid engineering careers available and how the future looks for each. I cannot believe how atrocious the salaries are for Engineering Professionals in the UK. I would recommend for study a more general engineering degree such as process/chemical engineering rather than a highly specialised subject to allow for future career flexibility. CEng or the equivalent may well be a license to practice in other countries, but it isn’t in the UK. Your skill sets are becoming commoditised. That likely halves your family income right there, and has knock-on effects. Then the recesion hit and I found another job with the same pay. Car designers often study at art school although the design engineers who make their flights of fancy work are true engineers. Many GPs are lazy incompetent fools who put people’s lives at risk – why do they deserve to be treated as demi-gods? The title professional engineer is protected by law and is attained only thru successful completion of a four year accredited university degree in engineering accompanied by three to four years of training/responsible work exposure. Petroleum Engineering. Your profession is a cost centre function, whereas lawyers see themselves as revenue generating units. Engineers are still paid rubbish and are considered as dirt on the bottom of ‘managements’ shoes. Your net family income will not be that high, one of you will likely give up work to look after the kids as they grow up, because child-care costs make it pointless to stay working. Deduct from that £450 for renting a small home, plus £100 council tax and £150 fixed costs (insurance, tax and mot) for the car. To my knowledge the only engineer graduates are the engineering director and me stuck in Tendering on thruppence a year. ... Best-paid skills and qualifications for project engineers. 99% of the people turning up at doctor’s surgeries have sore throats or measles and the like. Im a recent graduate trying to weather the oil and gas downturn and have plenty of stories of friends who just cant see the point in continuing in different industries for very little advancement and recognition, so have flown the nest to travel or pursue other things. Firstly because they can pay them peanuts and second because we’ve got graduate managers hiring graduate engineers. Bit by bit prices will drop. Not a technician who just applies engineering principles. You are awesome. Software engineers fare even better than the average tech worker, with the highest-paid role in London (embedded engineer) earning an average of £71k in 2018. According to BLS, the highest paid Mechatronics Engineers are in the states of DC, MD, VA, AL and NJ. Click here for our guidelines. After a few years I might have topped out around £25-30k at this small firm. At oe interview, when it came to negotiating wages, the MD lughed when I said how much I previously earned and offerred £17.5K. Oddly enough he doesn't really do much technical work. The quality of our engineering courses have degraded miserably. In contrast , I experienced the opposite during a three month secondment to GEC, UK, midway thru my career. And if you want more you have to employ other people, which can be a lot more rewarding. There’s a huge difference between them. You get paid what you deserve and the universities in UK in Civil Engineering are extremely poor. Now say engineers aren’t underpayed. earning £50,000 + per week. It shows the ability to learn and work hard to obtain a degree unlike those in (dare I say it) the humanities whose hardest part of the course is getting out of bed before 10am! The median starting salary for petroleum engineers is $79,270 ¹, with the mid-career salary of $137,720¹, and with experienced petroleum engineers making around the $193,430 mark¹ (top 90th percentile). At the top some categories of engineer are very well paid, and in very secure jobs, far more so than many lawyers, for example. No other educational qualifications are deemed appropriate for registration. I think the closest comparison for non engineer here might be for Bachelors degree for men. According to BLS, the highest paid Environmental Engineers are in the states of AK, LA, CA, TX and MD. I am told that you get paid in accordance with your level of responsibility. If you stick with it you’ll have your C&G or HNC, be called an engineer and will be on practically the same amount I earn. I didn’t do a grad programme, and only got a 2.2. I’m retired, ex-UK with B.Sc., C.Eng and have lived in South Africa since 1971. They come 3 months to clear the shht and then they get fired. Nice to see the old bubble of lies pricked a little, but I expect the unfounded bleating to continue. According to the Engineer Salary Survey 2018, engineers in the oil and gas sector are the highest paid in the UK, with an average salary of £53,913; followed by engineers in the energy, renewables and nuclear sector, who earn an average of £52,653. I totally agree with you. The point is … That’s about the top salary you can get as an electronics engineer. With a really frugal lifestyle you spend another £10 per day and person for groceries. £29,395 / yr. Royal Navy Royal Marines Commando salaries - 30 salaries reported. All comments are moderated. The average salary for a Manufacturing Engineer in United Kingdom is £31,874. I get paid £60,000 a year. Petroleum engineers top the list when it comes to the best-paid professionals that have an engineering degree. Is it good or not? The one’s you are thinking of run their own business. But that’s not the whole story. You income will be taxed at up to 40% but you will be earning too much to qualify for in-work benefits. Most bankers sell their souls to their job and don't last long at what they do. In my later career as a management consultant advising on corporate strategy I was surprised at the very high proportion of chemical/process engineers in senior management positions given the relatively small proportion of the engineering profession coming from that background. £80k-100k but this is for those dealing with commercial and high level management aspects of projects. Engineers Get Top Pay. At a time when medicine engineering is evolving fast, the need for these professionals is ever-growing. The average salary for a Petroleum Engineer in United Kingdom is £47,932. If your company is up-to-date you probably have a quality manual and training material where all the terms you need are explained. Oscar Williams-Grut. One thing worth bearing in mind is that many people get stuck in their chosen country when they discover house prices in the UK have risen much faster than in their chosen work country. YEARS previously. I pull lots of all-nighters, my job is very stressful and extremely demanding, I study almost every night to advance my own understanding of the field, on the weekdays I only get to see my children’s faces after they are already asleep, I had to teach myself how to run high order non-linear seismic analysis of bridges, and I put in over 400 hours to study in order to pass a 16 hour structural engineering exam. Trainee Software Engineers get more than me, and fully qualified ones even more so because they are ‘the future’ apparently. The progression route usually starts at graduate around £18k – £23k, then to assistant engineer at around £25k-£28k. The median salary for a computer hardware engineer is $117,220¹. (5) when they emerge from behind their computer, they then proceed to try and hold projects hostage to their lack of understanding. Compared with the big 4 salaries after ACA qualification, starting magic circle law training contracts, investment bank starting salaries, engineering salaries are a complete joke. you don’t need a degree to be classed as an engineer. There are engineers who create new products, such as food products and computers. Now that you have covered yourself, let’s talk about a carehome for your parents, schooling for your children, and possible some education for yourself to keep up to date with developments in science and technology. My son has chosen Maths, extra Maths and physics and really still not sure what to do in terms of University courses. That being the case, I was making the point that it is good that to ‘engineer’ something is an activity that anyone can pursue, such as many people who would not be eligible for accreditation, such as students, technicians, or enthusiasts, without them necessarily having to present a certificate to prove they are in fact ‘engineers’. He was an Oxbridge type, his class mates all earning far more than he, so he said. The one’s you are thinking of run their own business. Except for high employability Chemical, pharmaceutical a… The fundamentals of capitalism which allow those few who earn outrageous amounts of money is funded by the fact their workers earn undesirable salaries and this article outlines this problem quite nicely whereby it shows how underpaid the engineering profession is. And while it’s commonly believed that the other professions typically pay far more handsomely than engineering in general, a look at the figures suggests that for most individuals this isn’t true. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps … It is slightly better in bigger companies. The problem now is the salary for engineers in places like India and China is increasing and less and less engineers want to come to the UK, which will once again lead to us struggling to find any engineers. How can this be? Get yourself on an apprenticeship and earning on the ladder from the off. If I worked as a GP I could get paid as much as £104,000 a year. As a Design Engineer, I can’t think of a more responsible position than the creator of the products and services which are sold to generate revenue to pay the inflated salaries of those who bring little to the party. Large companies in the City may typically offer a small number of graduates much more than £26,000, but the average graduate starting salary according to HESCU is just £18,615-£22,785 – significantly less than the average received by those who study engineering. Lets face it. The gap in pay and in respectability of engineering careers is dramatically different between our two countries alone. Registered Office: Mark Allen Group, St Jude's Church, Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0PB Engineers earn amongst the highest salaries in the modern workforce. Internationally, engineers are better paid and respected than they are in the UK. For this money, I work normally 11 hours a day under extremely stressful conditions with a lot of responsibility and the only thing I can do when I get back home is to go sleeping. It appears to me that whilst the starting salary is good, 10-15yrs down the line its not so good. Never ever you say again that engineers are well paid because they are not. Simply put, engineering graduates may be among the highest earners but that doesn’t mean engineers necessarily are. During this 3 years I moved up to 40k pa as Senior PE. Why don’t Engineers’ salaries reflect this level of responsibility? In addition to the above six highest paying engineering jobs, we are also seeing other engineer professionals making high salaries as well. The average salary for a Project Engineer is $79,091 per year in United States. Perhaps you should do some research before posting such comments? It's the oldest discipline for engineering in the world alongside military engineering, … Engineers receive the market rate, that is clear. maintenanceTeam leaders are usually on 36/37K. Companies, like big banks, who need tax money to survive should go bankrupt. This doesn’t require a degree as you can qualify by experience through the technical routes. When I say Engineer, I mean a Design Engineer. It’s crazy. They add substantial value, reduce deficits if there are any, bring a considerable engineering capability to a company and a diverse range of problem solving skills, along with the ability to negotiate at all levels. Both engineers and lawyers are well respected professions, there is no debating that. All that’s probably happened is that more part qualified assistant technicians have been hired as engineers at 20,000 pounds per annum. I love engineering, I was good at it and I believed in it – and I’m sad to have sold out, but it was a smart choice. companies are run by pen pushers who don’t care about supplying quality and as long as they can offset and make the books look OK (in reality there not due to the false economy of having to redo the shoddy work) I’m constantly having to settle for well bellow what i was on 5/10 years ago for roles of a senior level. Average salary: $74,700. Sorry but that’s only if you manage to go contracting and even that’s falling due to recruitment agencies and mass immigration pushing wages down ( half the people i find contracting now i cant pronounce their names or understand them and it takes 10 times longer to get the information across!) When I resigned the regional director summoned me to their London HQ office to explain, which I did. After a paid internship with a good design consultancy in the mudlands I turned down a £22k offer and took a graduate scheme in financial services in London starting at £28k with £10k annual bonus. I actually asked to see his degree and sure enough he does really have one. Even a moderately successful, adequately qualified Engineer with a little determination can earn more than a current MP’s salary. Year after year, engineering jobs are paid the highest average starting salary.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) engineers have a median annual wage of $91,010 and the engineering field projects to have employment growth of nearly 140,000 new jobs over the next decade. How much does a Engineer make in London, UK? Unfortunately we live in a gloabalized world. (I hv a engineering degree) . Engineers are paid the going wage for their level of qualification and experience. But as i have said before companies are run by pen pushing accountants they see low wages and can hide away the time taken and quality as that’s not their problem! I briefly worked for a small firm of 20 people and was paid minimum wage with unpaid overtime. A good PM will motivate, performance manage and manage stakeholder expectations whilst also managing a projects finances. Be an awesome citizen because the Laws of Physics beat engineers about the head until they can only think clearly and honestly – which makes them the best people on the planet and it’s time people realised that. Among mechanical engineering graduates, for example, 64.2 per cent surveyed were working as engineering professionals (not just in engineering companies) and only 22.9 per cent were in other professional roles, with just 8.4 per cent in business, finance or management compared with 13.2 per cent for all graduates. Engineers are paid well. As a basic technician! We need to commoditise, the lawyer’s skill sets through technology, if we ever want a shot of levelling the playing field, with respect to salary parity. He touched upon an important point that there is a big difference between software engineer salaries in London and the rest of the UK. As a moderately successful and more than adequately qualified engineer working for a FTSE 100 hi-tech engineering firm I can confirm that I do NOT earn anything like an MPs salary. The Engineering institutions (IMECHE, IET etc) haven’t done enough to maintain high standards. And don’t bother looking to the Imech E for help in increasing engineers salaries in the UK (specially now with Brexit) because the organisation is run by the very same people that profit from low engineers wages . My experience is that in technical consulting (for which a good engineering masters degree is a good start) starting salaries are mid twenties to 30k, and you can probably get to 2 or 3 times that over 10-15 years. Why are engineers paid so low in the UK compared to other professionals? The British Army Royal Engineer salaries - 1 salaries reported. Kids daily read about media celebs, footballers, vloggers, etc. I would suggest the British Engineers Association. In America, the average mechanical engineering graduate starts out at around $50k. Otherwise you are looking at roughly 1.5 times your salary which is the brake even point to your employer, if an engineer was paid £100k a year say around £8.75k a month could you make your employer £150k a year as an individual? Second, leaving the UK. Copyright © Mark Allen Engineering Ltd (a Mark Allen Group company) 2019, Mark Allen Engineering Limited My own personal rule of thumb is that you should be paid equivalent to your age times a thousand. Last time I looked you needed to achieve professional prerequisities and attend an interview just to be considered? The salary can be really good i.e. Anecdotes about better-paid burger flippers carry little weight. New Grad salary is about 50k $ here. And I also realize that it is considered normal by many that people should be paid benefits if their salary is not sufficient to cover their cost of living. I work as a engineer in small consultancy in central london zone 1 and with 2 years graduate experience under my belt. Not only for my preference of hands-on to sitting at a desk, but also for the earlier financial benefits. I can only suggest you consider re-training – perhaps outside engineering, because otherwise you will be stuck on this pay grade forever. In brief, the award of Pr.Eng. When you see a serious engineering role come up, one where experience is essential, it’s usually a temporary or short-term contract. To do the math £57k/year at 11 hours/day of work means 14£/hr Net Pay. The market sets these pay scales and without really very extreme changes in our economic system, they will remain so. Why are companies doing this? I have 15 years management experience and 3 years engineering experience and I can only find a role paying under £20k. As a petroleum engineer with a well-established career for example, you could be earning in the realm of $175,500 per year. I dont know where you got some of those figures but at least it gave me a laugh on a Monday morning. Any of the big employers would be better than this, or you could re-train (MSc or whatever) and get into a new organisation. However, I would have been one of the top students in the UK to get into med school and then worked to get a doctorate. I have always been surprised how low the pay is reported to be in the UK compared to the US. I have been working as a Structural Engineer for 4 years designing bridges for a small consulting design firm and I make $110,000… and that doesn’t even include the really good benefits I get. As business slices and dices skills and careers (talk to Drs & Lawyers) this will change. What is an engineering degree worth? Mostly marketing engineering within the … 1) Everybody nowadays is called an ‘Engineer’ . I have worked with people with PhD’s and found them to be useless, no common sense. But that’s another story. The project managers just chase this. Any bank will offer a starting salary of 40,000+ depending on what business area you’re in, and by the age of 30 you can be in the 100,000+ band. and filling roles with useless candidates! Do you mean Premiership? I am now 32 and I earn 65kpa plus car and other benefits working as a project manager in the nuclear industry on both decommissioning and new build. is there an exam like there is in Germany, USA, Canada? Project “managers” would then be restricted to the role of administrative functionaries where they might actually be useful instead of doing damage. Anyway, you have way more earning potential than your brother as you can progress and become a chartered engineer to earn more money- as for your dad, being a self employed builder is hard work. On the other hand, what the hell is a degree in Project Management for ? You get paid more if you run your own business but there’s a lot of work involved and considerable risk. Individuals with a bachelor's degree in engineering get paid more than any other type of college graduate with a bachelor's degree. You will likely marry someone who is a teacher or nurse or has a more lowly job. The Royal Engineers are combat soldiers with a technical edge and have a role in every area of the battlefield. Compared with Medical, Law and Finance Engineering pay is well below par. M edicine has retained its title as the degree subject attracting the highest average graduate salary, according to the figures.. You would have a net income of >£208,000 a year. I felt misled by the government telling me the UK needs more Engineers, it’s obvious nonsense. Other countries have made it near on impossible to call yourself an engineer, surely the institute of or council of engineers should take on this fight? I try to maintain a degree of scepticism whenever I’m told engineering graduates are high earners. Take a mechanical Project Manager: numerous skills required such as a broad engineering skill, administration skill, legal skills and often contract negotiating skills. I used the graph to look for the mythical engineer shortage creating higher prices. This example is so extreme it falls below the ‘floor’ that must exist for graduate engineering rewards. But as others have mentioned above there are more problems than pay and the all exist here too. I did manage people for a while and it really is a pain in the backside. Ever since the ending of students grants and replacement with loans, the legal profession has been absolutely flooded with youngsters desperate to get into an apparently well-paid profession. In order to compensate for this deficiency and embarrassment, engineers are now forfeiting the key areas of the profession in droves and going into project management or managerial roles – almost completely ostracizing themselves from the profession and it’s decision making tools and processes. The average in the UK is around £30k. However, above a certain size, I think it becomes impossible to do both. I don't think the public perception of engineers (I know, who have saved more lives in total than doctors have) is quite the same. Managers deserve to get paid more – as long as they’re competent, and quite a few managers I’ve come across have blagged their way into a higher paid job having no idea at all what they are doing and with no training on how to manage people (it’s not like companies like investing in such things).
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