Would any of us do this to our new Suzuki/Chevy? Increase the speed, and the rider holds on tighter, pulls on the bars harder and the pressure on the seat increase, which in extreme cases causes the rear suspension to squat. This is regressive thinking that only treats the areas that can be influenced: everything before the rider. © 1996-2020 Canada Moto Guide Motorcycles are inherently un-aerodynamic because of us, the occupants. In effect, they create an air-fairing. You two above are true gentlemen, a refreshing example. BMW patent - active aerodynamics - auch in der MOTORRAD NACHRICHTEN APP Click to Tweet In motor sports and also on current Superbikes, winglets are now used to improve the aerodynamics of the motorcycles. magazines. On an indoor velodrome they work great, outside they cause lots of instability and negative gyroscopic effects. Think of aerodynamics and motorcycles. In racing, the main objective of aerodynamic refinement until this year has been heat management. The rise and rise of motorcycling in the Far East, From drawing board to production: How Royal Enfield creates a motorcycle, Top 10 most watched motorcycle videos on YouTube, Top 10 motorcycles for taller riders [2020], Top 10 motorcycles for shorter riders [2020], Top 10 most expensive bikes of 2020... so far. Costa surprises himself with his reaction to the Indian-built retro bikes. Recently the company applied for a patent for the design and now online electric vehicle site Electrek has pictured a model in a scaled-down wind tunnel and … from wikipedia: “The product of drag coefficient and area – drag area – is represented as CdA (or CxA), a multiplication of the Cd value by the area.”. Fundy Adventure Rally – with the Konker and Rob, Windscreens and other causes + solutions for noise and buffeting in motorcycle helmets - Adventure Rider, Minimizing vortices – Bog, Swamp, River and Garden, 2014, Touring screen, Laminar l - Page 2 - Yamaha FJR Forum : Yamaha FJR Owners Forums, Motorcycle Aerodynamics - Suzuki Burgman Forum, Valencia 2 day 2017 merrygoround - Page 8 - MotoGP Forum, http://mototuneusa.com/power_news_–_advanced_aerodynamics.htm, The CMG Opinionated Video Chat: The bike show, First Rides: 2019 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. It may seem an unlikely place to find speed, but when Yamaha made slight changes to the size and shape of the radiator outlet on the 2011 M1 MotoGP design, they reduced coolant temperatures by 17 degrees. Is there any future in examining this ? I’m a little surprised that it can’t slice vertically through the air, cf. Aerodynamics is defined as the interaction between airflow and the movement of solid bodies through air. Are bikes next? Carrying a large rucksack which protrudes higher than the rider causes huge drag, will increase the fuel consumption and discomfort. When the wind blows toward you, all is well. You've heard everyone else. The resulting turbulence then squeaks out in pulses wherever it can: under an armpit, over a shoulder, along a an invisible vortex of high-speed air trailing dozens of meters behind the motorcycle, like the foamy currents of a fast-moving river after a large rock. In order to improve motorcycle aerodynamics we must streamline the brick and … BMW trademarks ‘Transcontinental’ - a touring version of the R18? . Recently the company applied for a patent for the design and now online electric vehicle site Elektrek has pictured a model in a scaled-down wind tunnel … For information including how to stop them, click, Third Party Fire and Theft Motorcycle Insurance. My 2002 Saab convertible has 200hp and does 155mph. Even a differently built riders can have a noticeable effect on top speed: a small rider who can get tucked in is usually a few mph faster than a taller, larger rider. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These devices, borrowed from a century of aerospace experience, deliberately cause small but controlled turbulent channels that, although adding a small amount of drag, extend an invisible air wall over the rider’s body that the laminar air flow can continue to follow smoothly. The wind pressure on the bag will make the rucksack ‘feel’ heavier. By far the most expensive line item on any vehicle development program is wind tunnel time. re-built every 1/4 mile lap. I a doing a science project and i chose motorcycles. You are a large rider, wearing bulky kit because it’s winter. Rung, cloned, stripped or exported? There used to be (and maybe still is) a motorcycle racing website where, among other things, the guy insisted that positioning the exhaust outlets in a particular way created significantly less drag and decreased lap times. The governing body for motorcycle racing has deemed that winglets, VG s and other such devices are to be banned, in the name of saving money and preserving competition. This is just the nature of the beast, and no amount of finesse in the wind tunnel can fix that. Active Aerodynamics: The Future For Superbikes. Does it really make a difference? Also most normal road bikes can’t utilise the air flow to increase down force. The goal for this team is to travel around the world in 80-days, so the more energy they can spare by providing insight in the current aero… 2011 Aluma Mc10 , 2011 Aluma MC 10 aluminum single motorcycle trailer. msn back to msn home ... patent drawings show wings that retract and extend from the fairing depending on the speed and lean angle of the motorcycle. In essence, we are looking to improve the air-flow around an object. Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no. By far the oldest use of aerodynamics in competition motorcycles was the fully enclosed motorcycle body that existed from just before the second world war and lasted until the late 1950’s. Automotive aerodynamics of motorcycles are not as frequently measured by third parties or reported by manufacturers as other figures like power. The point must be emphasized because the very thing that made dustbin fairings so efficient at cheating the wind head-on also made them dangerously unstable in other conditions. It dislikes sharp corners and loose materials, anything with bumps or rough surfaces that may slow it down. Let’s look at an example: a London double-decker bus, which presents a flat, rectangular shape with a large surface area to the air. Hydrogen fuel cells: is it the future for motorbikes? The dimensionless measure of drag coefficient, C d, varies from .55 to .65 (comparable to a pickup truck), vs C d.29 for many sports cars and even .20 for … Stolen Motorcycle Recovery London: Heroes or vigilantes? Ducati Panigale V4 vs V4S – is electronic suspension justified, How Royal Enfield built its own custom bike, Top 10 Middleweight Adventure Bikes (2019), The history of the Black Rats: London’s traffic police, Game Changer: 20 years of Suzuki’s Hayabusa, Triumph Bonneville: 60 years of the world’s most famous motorcycle, Technical Focus: Air-cooling and pushrods: how old tech has a bright future, History: A decade of BMW superbikes as the S1000RR hits 10, Bikes: From road bike to track bike on a budget – part 2, Bikes: From road bike to track bike on a budget - part 1, Top 10: Best first big bike for £2000 (2019). If turbulence is a militant teen then smooth, orderly air flow, called laminar flow, is like a parade of thoroughbred horses. So how does this affect me on the road? The drag coefficient is just a rating of the slipperyness of a shape but the size of the shape is needed to calculate the net overall drag in units of force. Unlike a car, plane, or even the hull of a boat, the surfaces of a motorcycle moving through the fluid (in this case air) is interrupted by a human body that is draped rather inelegantly over the top and spills down the sides in a gangly mess of limbs. If we ride a bike solo, in relatively tight leathers and stay tucked in, we will need to use less power, therefore we will use less fuel, and increase our mpg and tank range. The best-selling categories of motorcycle are cruisers and naked street bikes, because people the world over like the way they look and their functionality is good enough. But with exponential advances made in computer simulation and the recent arrival of some wild new solutions on racing motorcycles, could that all be about to change? In the small-capacity Moto3 class the size and shape of the rider dramatically affects top speed, and getting in the slipstream (tucking behind a rider in front to reduce drag further) is hugely important. CoP is vital to maintaining control, as anyone who has ever carried a large flat object on a windy day can attest. In other words, those 5’9” jockeys crunched up behind the windscreen of a tiny Moto3 grand prix bike create more drag in the air than a Chevrolet Suburban. More often than not, a motorcycle helmet is the only piece of equipment keeping a rider alive after a crash, which is why most helmet manufacturers focus more on durability and protection than they do on aerodynamics and weight. It doesn’t matter if you ride a sports bike, a naked or an adventure bike, your physical presence and the shape you make in a sitting position affect the aerodynamics. Technical Focus: Euro 5 emissions - what they mean to motorcycles. For information including how to stop them, click Privacy & Cookie Policy. The ST1100 I had at one time was terrible in side winds and also blurred my vision from turbulence from the windscreen. Exclusive interview: The man behind the 2018 Honda Africa Twin, Why Honda ditched the forks: 2018 Honda Gold Wing technology, Supersized Superbikes: Why 1000cc just isn’t enough, Top 10: Most fuel-efficient new bikes (plus top tips for economic riding), Technical Focus: Air-Cooling Technology vs Euro4, VIDEO: 2017 Honda Fireblade SP takes on the TT course, The BikeSocial team's year in review - Michael Mann, The BikeSocial team's year in review - Marc Potter, The BikeSocial team's year in review - Paul Taylor, The BikeSocial team's year in review - Chris Newble. Can you help?? A floating sports car, however, would be far more aerodynamic because it’s more streamlined (pointy), with a smaller surface area. In racing, larger riders will need more power to maintain and achieve the same speed, and again this depends on the power of the bike. Top 10: Things you never knew about Vespa, The Broughs of Bodmin and other amazing finds, Top 10: Bikes at tomorrow's huge Las Vegas auction, Top 10: Land speed records - 60 years of speed, Top 10 most exotic bikes on sale right now, A History of the Honda Fireblade - Part 1, Brains, beauty, blonde hair and a penchant for fuel mapping, History of the 500cc two-stroke Grand Prix bike, R1 on-board lap of Silverstone's GP circuit. What do rake and trail on a motorcycle mean? San Mateo, CA — Drag racers say there is no replacement for displacement. The secret to significant improvement lies in air management around the rider. Forbidden by the victorious Allies to manufacture aircraft, Germany and Italy’s aerospace engineers turned to making motorcycles, applying their expertise in aluminum construction and aerodynamics to boast some of the most slippery race bikes every conceived. https://canadamotoguide.com/2016/05/0…-aerodynamics/ Quote: THE INSIDER MOTORCYCLE AERODYNAMICS MAY 4, 2016 MICHAEL UHLARIK 22 COMMENTS Motorcycle […]. What does this do to the bike? Instead of going for one large bag, distribute your luggage with a tank bag, tail pack and a small rucksack. The realm of CFD goes as deep as you want, so yes there is a lot of work being done on wheels but not in the direction you might think. The Secret To Going 400 mph! Important. We must also increase power to maintain the same speed, and in some situations this can reduce stability as the rider is pulling on the bars, and pushing down on the rear. Technical Focus: What does Euro 4 really mean? Sorry. Not such a Victory. This was because they place the center of air pressure (CoP) ahead of the centre of gravity, which introduces a strong yaw, or left/right turning force on the motorcycle. CdA is an automotive coefficient that corresponds to Cd x Area. Because the rider is holding on tightly to prevent himself being pushed back by the airflow, he is also extending the forks and raising the front end slightly. At racing speeds of about 40 km/h, the aerodynamic resistance or drag of a cyclist is about 90% of the total resistance [ 1, 2, 3 ]. Compared to a modern economy car, the aerodynamic coefficient of Drag of a motorcycle is more like a brick with a parachute riding on top than a car. THE AERODYNAMICS BEHIND THE TOP 1 ACK ATTACK. Build One Yourself! […] A very good article on general motorcycle aerodynamics by Canada Moto […], […] 122 or if you don't want to play with yarn here is a bit about motorcycle aerodynamics https://canadamotoguide.com/2016/05/0…-aerodynamics/ Attached […], […] He used to have some interesting theories on this subject. For the rest of us, pin your ears back, get a note pad and pen and read on. A fully enclosed electric motorcycle is being developed by American company Lightning Motorcycles to overcome the inherently poor aerodynamics of bikes.. Behind the rider air is in pure chaos. Aerodynamics, the study of motion through the atmosphere, has often been called an art. As a result, air that was previously sailing effortlessly alongside the smooth fairings of the bike come crashing into our wrinkled, flailing bits causing massive air turbulence. The air pocket behind the wind screen is roiling mess of eddies and currents that are highly turbulent. By continuing to use this website you give consent for cookies to be used. All were exhaustively developed in wind tunnels and with universities, and all contributed to performance. The thing these folk had over us, was talent, skill, parts, money and wherewithal. Where do stolen motorcycles go? Now before I get a million emails, we all know when a bike is fully kitted with panniers and pillion, it will use more fuel, and this isn’t just because of the larger surface area, it’s also down to weight. Even conventionally bodied, full fairing race bikes can experience this phenomenon. Aprilia developed VG technology for the first RSV Mille and deployed it successfully in world superbike racing as far back as 1999. A suburban may have a lower drag coefficient than a bike but it has much larger frontal area and therefore more total drag force to overcome. They want Pillion Shields between the driver and the back rider. I loved F1 until the end of the turbo era. Besides reducing turbulence and protecting laminar flow, the third pillar of safe motorcycle aerodynamics is controlling the center of pressure (CoP). It was always entertaining. We can also improve the bike's aerodynamics by fitting extra bodywork: a fly screen or, on some bikes, simply replacing the standard screen for a larger item. The advanced, active and passive aerodynamic devices seen in MotoGP and in past years are about to disappear again. Although, I wouldn't be surprise that 1.5 hp/ft² can be achieved in an extreme case. Heat management is a major aerodynamic challenge. I feel slightly educated, fascinating stuff! Have you seen lately what the Philippine Government wants to add to motorcycles with back riders? The results are bikes that gain some drag in straight line travel (the holes act like vortex generators) but are much more manageable in cross winds and during roll transitions in corners. Having said that, I was working for Piaggio in Italy in 1999 when Eddie Irvine almost won the title and that was pretty amazing. For some reason I assumed you were an F1 fan, No matter what shapes exist behind the rider’s back, the air has been chopped up and spit out like a felled tree through a wood chipper. Don’t See a Motorcycle You Like? Basics: Aerodynamics sounds complicated, but it isn’t, not at its most basic level. In simple terms Aerodynamics is a branch of dynamics concerned with studying the motion of Air, when interacting … Aerodynamics is a science that requires unspeakable budgets to study properly. More drag, more power: As we increase drag, we need to increase power to maintain the same speed. By continuing to use this website you give consent for cookies to be used. Interestingly electric bike designers are looking at aerodynamics evermore closely because, while an electric bike’s weight is always the same (fuel levels don’t go up or down), the easiest way to improve range without advancing battery technology is to make the bike more aerodynamic. Unlike cars, motorcycles are inherently awful at slicing through the air, no matter what shape they are. Simply tucking in and reducing our frontal area can improve stability as we won’t be pulling on the bars as much, but that’s not practical on a normal ride. Welcome to our Home Schooling series. A fully enclosed electric motorcycle is being developed by American company Lightning Motorcycles to overcome the inherently poor aerodynamics of bikes.. 10 points ~ THANKS~ ~ Ariel. Over time this will cause discomfort. Progress. Epitomized by models like the NSU Sportmax and Moto Guzzi 500 V8, the fully covered front wheel treatment suggests amazing reduction in drag and increased speed for the same horsepower. Yes, the difference in top speed between tucked in, chin-on-the-tank, and sitting bolt-upright is huge, between 15mph and 20mph, … […] Source: A very good article on general motorcycle aerodynamics by Canada Moto Guide. Unlike mechanical or electrical engineering, fluid dynamics (the name given to aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, the study of motion through water) can appear mysterious only because they involve almost endless variables and an infinite number of conditions, which is easily enough to cause most people to throw their hands up frustration and call it an “art”. Most people would conjure an image of a wind tunnel and a tucked-in rider on a sports bike. Aerodynamics of a motorcycle? The field of aerodynamics is clearly the latest battleground for the world’s major motorcycle makers as they vie to increase downforce and reduce drag. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/news/a27052/yokohama-puts-spoilers-on-tire-sidewalls-for-better-aerodynamics/, http://triathlon.competitor.com/2011/08/gear-tech/ask-aaron-the-aerodynamics-of-wide-rims_36923, http://www.zipp.com/technologies/aerodynamics/ablc.php. Motorcycles are inherently un-aerodynamic because of us, the occupants. The lower value being representative of a full fairing bike with a driver lying low and the higher value being representative of a bike with no fairing and a driver sitting straight. I’m just asking, I’m not a rocket scientist, which is what you need for aerodynamic analysis. That actually might be one of the reasons that enables them to carry their speeds, for the rest there is an uncommon term in motorcycles known as Aerodynamics. Motorcycle aerodynamics - How do they affect a bike? Nicole looks at how a cyclist's body position affects their aerodynamics using flow visualization and computational fluid dynamics. It makes you think, doesn’t it? Guzzi possessed a wind tunnel on site in their factory, taking full advantage to minimize drag. On a bike, once you go over about 30 km/h, air pressure starts to dominate proceedings. Turbulence is air that behaves like a teenager: it’s listless, high in energy but cannot decide where to go. The development of aerodynamic methodologies is inevitably linked to Ducati Corse and therefore to the design of unique racing prototypes. With ever increasing power and speed potential, the repercussions of losing lateral stability in a sudden gust of wind are too great to risk. This constant displacement of the air causes turbulence. ? But their aim is to completely eliminate any drag, focusing just on speed. The M RR is an aerodynamic, high-performance machine like no other. The average passenger car on the road today has a drag coefficient (the measure of air resistance) of about 0.3 (a lower number being better). The first generation Yamaha FJR1300 tourer was notorious for sending searing hot radiator exhaust up between the frame and fuel tank, which made for pleasant heating in cool weather and terrible discomfort in warmer climes. On to the motorbike: In a car, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or what you’re wearing, you don’t affect the aerodynamics – but on a bike you do. Even after it’s gone, it causes a vacuum effect behind you, further draining you of momentum. We’ve all heard the rumble and felt the knocks of turbulent flow around our helmets, and probably had the sore necks to remind us about it. This is a fact. Assuming it could float, it would make for a terrible boat because it would be ineffective at cutting through water. See “Red Bull Formula One Team, Rule Changes Due to Adrian Newey’s Exhaust Blown Diffusers”. Take It To The Track : Relegated to the Dustbin of Time. What is motorcycle police pursuit policy? The open wheels and the cooling system are the brick and the rider is the parachute. Slow moving, but full of odd and unpredictable pressures, they slam into the high-speed, laminar flow rushing past. A racing motorcycle with a smooth, full fairing and professional rider in a full tuck? If more of the flat object is ahead of you, as in the dustbin fairing motorcycle, the steering effect is much greater. This might limit such applications. The idea is to present motorcycling technology in a simple form everyone can understand, even children. This is what has happened in formula one. The motorcycle on the other hand, is a collection of random engineered parts and a human body which together form a shape almost perfectly suited to disrupt smooth air flow. Tube strike hell? Sixty years ago, the first aerodynamic efforts in motorcycle racing saw the advent of the ‘Dustbin’ fairing, pictured here, on a 1957 factory Mondial 125cc Grand Prix racer. Frontal area. Recently the company applied for a patent for the design and now online electric vehicle site Elektrek has pictured a model in a scaled-down wind tunnel … The amount of turbulence is highly determined by the shape of an object moving through the air. The major benefit of a fairing on sport touring and touring motorcycles is a reduction in aerodynamic drag, which allows for reduced fuel consumption and permits higher speeds at lower engine rpm, which in turn increases engine life. So, what is Aerodynamics? Let’s talk luggage: So, we know an increase in the surface area or decreasing the aerodynamics of our bike can decrease our mpg, which reduces our tank range. Unlike a car, plane, or even the hull of a boat, the surfaces of a motorcycle moving through the fluid (in this case air) is interrupted by a human body that is draped rather inelegantly over the top and spills down the sides in a gangly … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! please take all of this with a large boulder of salt. Square bad, pointy good. Raising the front and lowering the rear causes instability, which is why some nakeds feel awful at very high speeds, especially if you are still sitting upright. Found him. Understanding the Motorcycle Aerodynamics : The main motive of Aerodynamics is to minimize the Wind Resistance at High Speeds which is achieved by adding a full or partial fairing, optimizing the airflow around the Motorcycles … Then there is the engineering needed to leverage the findings into practical solutions that can be executed. Mostly they are installed on the side of the front to generate more downforce on the front wheel and to counteract … But drag does play a huge part. Michael, any thought on how wheel design is influenced as well ? That is aerodynamic drag, and it literally sucks you back. An aerodynamic design and analysis of motor cycle helmet with anti-glare visor. Technical Focus: Ducati Panigale V4 R – how does it make 218bhp and rev to 16,500rpm? Christmas gifts for bikers: The BEST motorcycle products of 2020. The US brand is not the only bike company to go out of business this century... Turbos, VVT and onboard diagnostics. How do we resolve this? Headlamp, Engine Cover and Other body kits are used to make a Aerodynamics designed motorycle. Agreed, just saying dont forget smaller area of mc. Again, my blindness has led to asinine behaviour. It’s happiest when running fast and free. However, when you are going for 400 mph, Mike Akatiff, owner and designer of the fastest streamliner motorcycle in history, would beg to differ. Air pressure rises to the cube of speed, meaning that for every kilometer per hour, the corresponding air resistance increases by a multiple of 3. Perhaps there is scope for shaping top boxes to reduce rear turbulence and or altering the shape of the tail without the rider having to alter their position. The aerodynamics of racing motorcycles are determined more by the rules of the racing organizations than by the principles of efficient design. It may come as a shock to most motorcyclists, particularly those used to reading boastful claims in motorcycle advertising to the contrary, but 99% of motorcycle OEMs don’t give a damn about aerodynamic efficiency. We can simplify aerodynamics to make it extremely easy to understand (even my 6-year-old son has worked it out). But the rest of your body is not much of a consideration. Once air crosses the trailing edge of a motorcycle’s fairing into the open space between the fairing and rider, laminar flow disintegrates. You can delete or block all cookies but some parts of the website will not work. The force known as drag is a product of the drag coefficient times the cross sectional area of the face of the vehicle and rider. Technical Focus: How your bike engine works, Technical Focus: How it works - Fuel Injectors, VIDEO: London scooter crime | The facts and the convictions, Bikes: Yamaha NIKEN: all questions answered. The designer of a motorcycle can do a lot to control air flow and minimize aerodynamic resistance at the front, around the front wheel, radiator, engine and in front of the rider, but once the fairings and bodywork ends, its turbulence city. The reason? Lowering the temperature of a racing engine can translate into more horsepower, increased engine reliability or reducing the amount of coolant you carry, which means shaving kilograms of weight. When you’re driving your car, put your hand out of the window near the mirror at 50mph. Aerodynamics on motorcycles isn’t certainly something new. An aerodynamic “Monoliner” motorcycle has recorded the lowest aerodynamic coefficient of drag for a motorcycle in a wind tunnel and could prove to be the future of electric bikes, according to a British aviation electrician/mechanic. And then there is the testing, in different places, with different temperatures, on different surfaces. It doesn’t take long before this quickly adds up to consume all of a motorcycle’s power, so much so that at a mere 100 km/h, 80% of a motorcycle’s energy is spent just overcoming air resistance. Technical Focus: Speed limiters and black boxes on cars by 2022. The conventional thinking of most people regarding aerodynamics is to simply cover everything on the motorcycle in round, flowing bodywork. technique. As with most of the projects we do within Simuleon, there is always a clear reason why customers ask us to perform a simulation. First experimented with in the prewar years by ambitious Nazi government backed manufacturers in Germany like NSU, Zündapp and BMW, they crafted smooth, bullet-shaped bodies over conventional motorcycles and discovered, unsurprisingly, that this made them much faster without the need for more power. Turbulence is important to understand, because it is the reason why aerodynamics matter on a motorcycle. Technical Focus: How it works - the clutch, Ducati Panigale V4 engine secrets revealed, Autonomous BMW C1: The self-riding motorcycle is here, Inside the mind of the Kawasaki H2 SX designer. /bikesocial/news-and-views/features/bikes/motorcycle-aerodynamics, bikesocial/news-and-views/features/bikes/motorcycle-aerodynamics. Fuel burn being managed by a useful combination of gearing, engine torque and consumer indifference, the aerodynamicists can concentrate their efforts on reducing wind noise, buffeting, and using laminar flow to suck heat away from the engine and exhaust so as to not cook the occupants. I prefer an upright riding position than laying down over the tank. It is not. When pockets of turbulent air disrupt an object in motion, the air molecules touching that object create friction that pushes against it. If you’re a British Superbike technician or a professional rider, stop reading and go make a brew. Ok, without wishing to ruffle too many feathers, this is all very interesting, and I do mean that. […]. It scares me to imagine the kinds of “rogue turbulence” and vacuum it would create. The air has to get out of the way and return again as your motorcycle moves forward. If we need to increase power when we create more drag to maintain the same speed, we must, therefore, use more fuel. and I was bemused about one not knowing this. Any thoughts on how directing the exhaust could tune the aeordynamics? We can also improve the bike's aerodynamics by fitting extra bodywork: a fly screen or, on some bikes, simply replacing the standard screen for a larger item. Thanks. Now try to imagine the wind pressure on your pannier at 100mph, which has a much larger surface area. It all adds up. Not to be a buzzkill on the author of this article or people who don’t care about aerodynamics, but isn’t the new Honda Fireblade AKA CBR1000RR going to have a drag CO of possibly .27?
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